Charleston Murphy Beds was created by husband & wife John & Kerri, locals in Charleston, SC.  After realizing that they needed more space in their multi purpose room or F.R.O.G (Finished Room Over Garage) they began researching how they could turn it into an office/guest suite/playroom.  They came across the “Murphy Bed” or also known as a “Wall Bed”.

Once they purchased their bed, they realized how beneficial it could be to people in the area.  As the South East continues to grow, with both young families and retirees beginning to relocate here, the need for more space is evident.  With our beautiful climate and overall better way of life, family and friends will undoubtedly want to come and visit. Murphy Beds are a great addition to any room large or small.  

Murphy Beds are essentially hidden beds that look like a beautiful built in.  With our various styles, finishes and materials, we can make any room multi-functional!

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