If your room has ample ceiling height and adequate floor space, a vertical bed design is your best option. Vertical Murphy beds are our most commonly purchased style since they are similar a normal bed where people can get onto the mattress from either side. And with a variety of face panel designs and stain colors to choose from, your fully functioning, space-saving bed becomes a beautifully hidden secret. Find the overall bed size dimensions of our different frame styles in the table below.

Vertical Wood Murphy Bed Dimensions


Vertical Melamine Murphy Bed Dimensions

NOTE: Your ceiling height must be at least 2 1/2 inches taller than the height of the bed you’re trying to install. * Width given is from the outside of crown molding on one end to outside of crown molding on the other for real wood murphy beds. Melamine beds do not have crown molding. ** If you select a mattress thicker than 12" thick, we can increase the depth of your bed to fit a mattress that is up to 15" thick (extra fee).


If your room has lower ceilings that won’t accommodate a vertical Murphy bed’s dimensions, our horizontal design may be the best solution for you. It has all the comfort and convenience of our vertical design in a shorter package. The horizontal frame also has the functionality of being an eye level shelf where pictures, artwork and other decorations can be displayed. Check out the dimensions for our different horizontal Murphy beds in the table below.

Horizontal Wood/Melamine Murphy Bed Dimensions

* Depth is the dimension from the wall to the face of the side cabinet.


Side cabinets are a great addition to your vertical murphy bed if you’re looking for extra hidden storage and decorative flair. There’s a variety of options to choose from in side cabinet layout: all open shelves, doors, drawers or a mix of each. You can also choose from three different widths: 18 inches, 24 inches or 30 inches. 

To account for the total width of a project when purchasing side cabinets for your Murphy bed, simply add the widths of each side cabinet and the crown molding of the Murphy bed together. The side cabinets will easily install next to the Murphy bed frame on either side — even between two Murphy beds or other cabinets. Cabinet doors swing away from the Murphy bed. Side cabinets can also be ordered after receiving your Murphy bed if you decide that having them would benefit the space.

Vertical Wood Side Cabinet Dimensions

Vertical Melamine Side Cabinet Dimensions


If you want to add more storage and style to your horizontal Murphy bed frame, side cabinets are perfect for you. Like our vertical cabinets, you can choose to have all open shelves, doors and drawers or a couple of each, and you can pick from 18 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch widths.

To account for the total width of a project with side cabinets, simply add together the widths of the side cabinets and the Murphy bed frame. Side cabinets install easily on either side of the horizontal Murphy bed, with doors that swing away from the bed frame. They can also be ordered after the initial Murphy bed order if you decide they are necessary later.

Horizontal Wood Side Cabinet Dimensions

Horizontal Melamine Side Cabinet Dimensions

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